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More and more Americans are choosing to stay in a familiar place – their own homes – as they grow older. Home modifications that improve accessibility such as no-step entries and wheelchair ramps and lifts, walk-in showers and devices like bathroom grab bars and hand-held shower heads can improve the safety and ability of seniors or disabled individuals who wish to remain living independently longer. Taking into consideration the cost of nursing homes and assisted living services, the idea of “aging in place” makes sense.

Rader Remodeling and Construction is a proud provider of Aging-in-Place remodeling services for San Angelo, Texas and the surrounding areas. It is a rewarding experience helping our clients to live comfortably and safely at their own homes, while at the same time boosting their homes’ value, and giving their loved ones’ added peace of mind.

Home Modifications to Consider for Your Aging-in-Place Plan

Rader Remodeling and Construction will work with you to assess your needs and abilities and make recommendations for specific home modifications based on our experiences and accepted home accessibility guidelines. Some areas of the home that commonly need Aging-in-Place improvement include:

Porches, Entries and Driveways

Reducing trip hazards with no-step thresholds, replacing or augmenting steps with ramps and handrails.


Grab bars next to toilets and in showers, installing walk-in and/or sit-down showers and adjustable shower heads.


Improving access to light switches and redesigning storage spaces such as closets.


Providing wheelchair clearance and access around countertops, sinks, storage areas and built-in appliances.

Yards and Gardens

Improving access to outdoor storage, reducing trip hazards on walkways, replacing steps with ramps.

Don’t wait till a chronic condition or other health issue makes it too late to plan for Aging-in-Place — contact Rader Remodeling and Construction today!